Create a School Website - Part 2: Chacteristics


III. Characteristics of a School Website -
The following elements seem particularly important to a school website:

  1. Contents:
    legal notice of the website and contact possibilities, teachers and if necessary their special tasks in school (for example school head-ship), parent representation, pupil representation, school history, school programme/-profile, important appointments; size, topicality and quality of the texts; consideration of the target groups: parents, pupils, public and staff
  2. Design and Usability:
    attractive colour design, clear and simple navigation, clarity, design suitable for the school, design of one's own instead of templates, uniform design of all web pages, no dead links

  3. Pupils:
    offers for pupils: timetable, working groups, promoting lessons, special activities (competitions etc.), integration of the pupils in the construction of the website

  4. Interactivity and creativity:
    visitor's book, picture gallery, online learn, forum, file sharing network, link collection, creative contents

  5. Technical Realization:
    faultlessness at the use of the school website, compliance with the standards for CSS and (X)HTML as far-reaching as possible, barrier poor web design: most important points of the web accessibility initiative; load time, protection from spam


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