Create a School Website - Part 9: Conclusion

The construction and the operation of a school website offers an enormous potential to work with pupils educationally on the media.

Very many pupils and nearly all educational aspects with regard to the media are included so that there are hardly limits at the arranging. In addition, the special thing about the school website is that every school needs one. The field of activity to communicate media competence therefore isn't produced artificially, but arises from the reality at school automatically.

These two factors – very broad ranges of application and narrow reference to the reality at school – are decisive factors which make sure that the arrangement of media competence by the school website is successful with a great probability.

The school website therefore offers an excellent possibility of realizing a communication of media competence to pupils successfully.

Precondition, however, is that the mediation of media competence walks along with a lot of time use, in several steps and with extensive knowledge mediation. The responsible teachers can create this only in the context of work relief. They need at least three week hour working time relief depending on effort for their school website to be able to cope with at least a part of the high expenditure of work. It is task of the school departments and school head-ships to realize this.


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